Adidas F30 2015 just arrived

20150730_171015-minAdidas F30 2015 is the successor to the 2014 Adidas F30, which is improved upon in a good way plus adding some new spice into it. It contains an all new sole plate design which many have come to like. The aggressive stud pattern (inspired by a sprinter’s shoe) looks to give a better push-off whilst running and overall gives that extra-bit of grip.20150730_171143-min

The upper is made using the new Hybridtouch synthetic which is a really thin synthetic which is also used in the F50 Adizero. The DribbleTex texture on the top give the boot it’s snakeskin like look which looks relatively more appealing than the previous Adidas f line; the texture also provides noticeable extra grip on the ball even in wet conditions. However these are all my first impressions of the all new 2015 Adidas F30 . Soon I’ll be unboxing and reviewing the Football/soccer shoe. Keep visiting back to check for new posts to stay up-to-date. Scroll down and click more to find buy it now links to this shoe at below their normal price.

20150730_170544-min                       20150730_172020-min 20150730_171553-min                       20150730_171156-min 20150730_171841-min   

You can buy this shoe below their normal price in the following sites :





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