Moto G (2015) – bigger, better, Affordable


The Moto G is another step forward and one that, despite the slight price rise, is well  worth looking at in the budget phone


Pros: Quality screen           Cons: Poor battery life

Improved camera                Slow camera

Low Price                             low internal memory

The Motorola Moto g has been an immensely popular phone for the past 2 years as a result of giving a very good phone in a budget price. Over the last gen Moto g, the main differences are that the camera has been bumped up to 13 megapixel and the phone had an IPX7 rating making it water resistant. Keep in mind this phone is not Water proof thus telling that this phone is resistant to accidental splash of water and is not meant for using underwater.

This phone costs around ₹12,999 in India, with at it’s price point is a pretty impressive phone. Because of the price point, it does put it among a hoard of other competitors. I will be doing a comparison post in the future so stay tuned.

The 13MP camera sensor is the same that is on the nexus 6 which was under powered at it’s price point. The camera also has an IR reflector to reduce blurry images. Though this feature is not on power with the Sasung Galaxy S6 or the Note 4, it certainly does a better job than it’s rivals at this price point. The camera app also has new gestures in it that was in my opinion a bit confusing and unnecessary.The touch to capture idea somewhat irritates me considering that it doesn’t focus where i want it to.


Currently the Moto g comes in Two colours that is black and white(after a while more colours will be available on the moto maker). On both colours, they have a texured back creating more grip while holding the phone. Although all the grip, the design is mainly the same from the last generation. Honestly i dont favour this desing because this cause the phone to be a bit bulky thus overtime tireing your hand. Although the cons, dont underestimate the pros, the grippy feel helps holding the phone plus this cover is not the same ‘cheap feeling’ smooth plastic back.


The phone now comes with a     5-inch screen with is an upgrade over the last gen model. The screen size increase doesnt feel difficult to use but if you are currently using a smaller sized phone, you may feel difficulty in using for the first few hours. The screen is itself a 720p screen with provides a decent pixel per ratio count. However i would have preferred if Motorola went with a 1080p screen as some of its other competitors in the price range have a higher resolution screen.

Other than the design and camera, its interface remains the same. The Moto g comes with android 5.1.1 lollipop out of the box. this provides the vanilla smooth experience of the android without any other user interface like Samsung (touchwiz).

Final Verdict:

From the price, the Moto g is an exceptional phone in it’s price point which i think is going to be again the best selling phone this year in it’s price segment. I do have some complaints but with regards to what Motorola is offering, i have no bad draws.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Manoj Garg says:

    My moto g3 has
    1) yellowish screen. And
    2) heats a lot even after 5 ,minute of usage. What to do


    1. Maybe your moto g has some manufacturing issues. I recommend approaching motorola about this issue as these problems are covered in warranty


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