Nike Elastico Superfly TF Review

Nike this year introduced the revolutionary Nike Magista Obra with the Dynamic fit Collar. This new innovation was one of the most talked about things in the football world. However Nike didn’t stop there, they introduced the dynamic fit collar in the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV which had a feel near to bare-footed football experience. In small-sided football, there has been very little option of what boot to buy, but there was always Nike. Currently the best in small-sided football boots, Nike introduced its Dynamic Fit Collar into the Nike Elastico Superly. This boot also comes in the ‘Turf’ variation which we will review for you today.

$_35First Impressions – 5/5

Nike used the Flyknit matrial as the upper on the Superly which is really soft. This boot comes with ACC which provides additional grip on the ball even in wet conditions, however it is not as significant as the Adidas F30 or Adidas predator. The colourway is spectacular in my opinion and will catch everyone’s eye. Nike also has introduced the Flywire cables in these boots which is really really effective.

Fit – 3.5/5

The superfly provides the bare footed feeling while playing giving an excellent first touch. The flywire cable are one of the best innovations by Nike as when you pull the laces tight, your foot will stay in place giving an extremely comfortable lock down. My foot size is a 9UK but i suggest you to go half a size up for better fit. For better size selection, use the Shoefitr app. The Superfly looses some of its points because of the hard heel lining which causes blisters and takes a lot of time to adjust to.

Durability and Protection – 4/5

Elastico-Superfly-SideviewBecause of the thin upper, the Nike is not as durable as the Adidas predator or the new ACE 15.1. However the shoe does a spectacular job as i didn’t see any open seams or sole tearing apart. I have noticed that some of the Superflys’ break their Flywire cables but that isn’t really a huge issue. As we are talking about protection, well there is no protection. the shoe does come with an internal heel counter but is softer than you might expect. Overall the shoe does a great job considering the ultra thin upper they offer.

Verdict – 8.5/10

This shoe is one of the best small sided football shoe i have tested and i sure do recommend you buying it. The rigid heel lining is a discomfort but it takes time to adjust to the new dynamic fit collar. If you are looking for a shoe that offers a bare footed feel then look non further as this shoe will delight you. The traction is great , offering good turning ability and explosive acceleration. Though expensive, the shoe is a great bang for your buck.


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