Laptop Buying Guide

In today’s world, laptops are almost at par with Desktop computers, something that would have being thought as impossible before. Laptops comes in all sizes and also specific to needs. Today we construct a buying guide for you so you can get the best laptop for you in 2015 in your budget!… Also if helpful, a like down the page will be greatly appreciated as i am constantly trying to improve the website specific to your needs

FotorCreated-min1.Selecting a Platform : Windows, Mac or Chrome OS ???….

Chrome OS : This OS is the most secure of all as it is basically a browser. There aren’t many offline apps for use in the OS. These laptops are the cheapest of the group. Choose a chose OS – based laptop if you only require a laptop for web browsing and social media.

Windows 10 – Laptops with windows are generally cheaper than MacBooks which start at almost $1000. The OS has a desktop, a file explorer and all the usual things you would find in windows 8 or 8.1. In windows 10, the start menu returns as well as support from directx 12 and vulcan. These will enhance gaming and video editing than the previous windows. If you are wanting a laptop for gaming and have almost all kinds of software on, go for a windows based laptop.

Apple OSX Yosemite – These OS based laptops are only manufactured by Apple and are priced well above $1000 as a starting range. The OS is similar to the windows but more fluid. Not many games are available on mac so if you want a gaming laptop, only look to a windows one. Apple laptops are very thin, but they combine a lot of processing power and a beautiful screen into a small compact design. If you are looking for a sleek portable laptop but with a lots of power for work, go for a MacBook if it fits your budget.

2. Choose the right size

screen size-min

13″ to 14″ : These screens are suitable for people who occasionally use their laptop and spend most of the time on a desktop. I do not recommend gaming on a 13″ as it causes eye strain as well as the joy of gaming is lost a bit on a small screen. These laptops are also very light.

15″ : This screen size is the sweet spot of all screen sizes for a laptop. You can game on this without eye strain, portable as well as powerful hardware as present. They are heavier than a 13″ laptop but many come with a DVD drive as well as better hardware. These laptops are recommended to people who use the laptop frequently for work or for occasional gaming.

17″ to 18″ : Laptops with this screen size are usually called desktop replacement laptops for the shear reason that they are heavier than the 15″ laptops as well as extremely powerful hardware. These laptops are meant to stay on your desk and not for carrying it everywhere as a result of their weight. I recommend gamers to buy laptops for gaming as well as video editors to buy a laptop which have a 17″ display as they offer better visuals (some come with a 4K panel) as well as a full keyboard which fits in the laptop. You may also find a 4K panel on a smaller sized laptop but they have a big problem with scalling.

3. Keyboard and Touchpad


The feel of typing on a laptop keyboard is very different to that of a desktop. Keep in mind, some laptops offer very small key travel distance which doesn’t offer a satisfactory feeling and a bad tactile feedback. You can also find keyboards which light up and are usually offer on a gaming oriented laptop but some other laptops do include them( with one on colour light). The MSI GT80 Titan laptop offers a full size mechanical keyboard (yes you read that right!) but comes with an extremely bulky design.

When we talk about Trackpads, you have to pick a really good one. some track pads just move without any touch and some don’t work if your hands are oily or are damp. A Macbook Trackpad is extremely good with force touch which offers extra option by pressing down on the trackpad. Alienware offers a decent trackpad which lights up according to the colour set

4. Specifications

  • CPUintel-6thgen-chipsLower end laptops come with Intel Pentium or an AMD E series chipset which is sufficient for everyday tasks such as word processing and web browsing. If you want a laptop for video editing, animation or gaming, i suggest you go for a laptop with an Intel i7 CPU as they are way better at handling tasks and can work seamlessly on load. A i5 chipset is good for mild gaming and occasional video or photo editing. If getting a Intel core chipset, try to get a 5th generation chipset which is new for 2015 ( or the 6th generation which was introduced some days ago ).
  • RAMCorsair-DDR4 – Budget tier laptops usually have a 2gb of ram which is good enough for web browsing and for making word documents and excel documents; but in today’s world many of the new applications are wanting a laptop with a minimum ram of 4gb so be careful here. Your ram is extremely important part of your computer so choose a laptop with a higher ram if you are going to multitask heavily or if your laptop is going to go under a lot of load. Gamer and video editors should look for laptops with a ram upwards or 8gb or more as in the future (next year) games will start requiring a minimum of 8gb ram and 4K editing will become a must among many of the video editors.
  • Hard-drive4888_largeFor the year 2015, i suggest everyone to go for a laptop with 1tb of space or upwards ( which will include SSDs ). Budget laptops don’t come with 1 tb of space but try to get a hard drive space of 500 GB or more ( for budget laptops ). Video editors should go for a laptop with an SSD which have highly significant read and write speeds compared to HDDs
  • Display – Many of the laptops come with a 1366 x 768-pixel resolution which is good enough for daily activities, work and for occasional gaming. If you have a option of increasing your screen resolution to 1980x1080p resolution, without even thinking go for it as it with make your screen more pixel-dense as well as more detail will be observed. This resolution is the sweet-spot for laptop gaming as only few of the games can be run above 1080p with 60fps or better. Video editiors and photo editors should go for 4K or 3K panels in 2015 as 1080p will become a thing of the past in a very short while. Laptops with 4K panels are itself cheaper than a 4K desktop monitor so go for it.
  • Touch – screen – some laptops come with a touch scrren option which improves your experience in Windows. However there is a major drawback to this, that is, the screen will be highly reflective so using your laptop outdoors or near a windows will become a daunting task. I would not go for a touch screen as your are not missing out on a lot of feautres.
  • GRAPHIC CARDSNVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-970-frontLaptop GPUs are not at par with desktop GPUs but they sure have come a long way. There is a difference of 10-15 fps coming from a desktop GPU as limited space i a laptop limits it. Hardcore gamers should only go for nVIDIA’s 900m series GPUs (that being the 960m, 965m, 970m, 980m) but they should try to get a 980m GPU if you want to max out your settings . Occasional gamers go for a 960m or 965m GPU as any GPU below the 960m line is not suitable for good gaming experience. the 970m would be recommend for gamers who are limited by their budget ( 980m laptops are expensive ) and are between hardcore gaming and occasional gaming. Video editors should go for a 965m or upwards GPU as they are very good from my experience.

Now once you know all the important and necessary information about a laptop, plan your budget and choose the best laptop for you. Research about a laptop before buying it as only specs are not important. Also keep in mind, try to go for a mass producing laptop company ( eg: Dell, Samsung, hp or Lenovo) as you can get discounts on certain laptops  If you have any trouble looking for a good laptop in your budget, feel free to comment below and ask me for a suggestion. 


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