Bowers & Wilkins P3 – The best on ear headphones ?..

The Bowers & Wilkins P3 is a really well built headphone which is priced at $200 or ₹12,999. In the box, you find the headphone itself with a brochure from Bower & Wilkins.

In the box
In the box

More accessories include a hard-shell travel case which is lined from within giving it a premium feel to the case. Bowers & Wilkins also provide an extra wire to replace with the existing wire with the inline mic. To do this just remove the ear cup ( which is magnetically held ), remove the wire from the jack and replace it.

Design and Build – 4/5

IMG_20151012_175514-minThe headphones come in red, blue and white colour options and are mainly metal and a bit of plastic on the headband and ear cup. The headband is not flimsy and is not too rigid giving the perfect amount of grip on your head. The headbands are adjustable which can be increased by pulling out on a side. The adjusting happens in a very fluid manner which indicates its build quality. One of the best features is that the ear cups are made out of memory foam which sits on your ears without discomfort and are magnetically held so changing wires and not gruesome. The headphone plugs are straight and not bend or ‘L’ shaped which is kind of good as this causes it to be compatible with a wider range of mobile phones and audio accessories. The headphones fold up for to put into the case.

Sound Quality – 4/5

IMG_20151012_175124-minEver wanted a headphone with extremely awesome bass but without sacrificing on the vocals and the highs plus good looking??… well then you should look no further. The Bowers & Wilkins P3 has a very well balanced sound quality which doesn’t distort on high volumes. The headphones are noise isolating so almost no sound is heard in the background. The sound quality is not as good as its bigger brother the P5 but is certainly not worth the $100 difference. The drivers are a 30mm one so you may expect not so good audio compared to a 40mm or a 50mm but you will be suprised by what this compact HIFI headphone can do

Verdict – 9/10

The travel case
The travel case

The Bowers and Wilkins P3 is a stunningly crafted headphone which is one of the best of its kind. The bass is superb, the vocals are spectacular and the design is a mix of retro and modern looks. Overall the headphones are not a steal but are certainly worth the money.


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