How good is a $10 (₹690) headset??..Is it worth it??..


The Headset sells for ₹690 but is currently on sale for ₹400 on Flipkart. The headset rocks a noise cancelling microphone which does a decent job of minimizing all the background noise. These cans have a 30mm driver with a good amount of bass and its a bit low on the treble, however this is tuned for gaming so keep that in mind.




Build Quality : 3/5

IMG-20160208-WA0003-minThe headset is made of a fairly cheap plastic which is really rigid which makes tough to flex and break (That’s a good thing!) ; however this also makes it uncomfortable for prolonged periods of use as your ears become numb and hot. I would advise you to prevent buying these headphones if you are going to be using it for 2 to 3 hours in a row. Overall the headset looks fairly good for its price.



Sound Quality : 3/5

IMG-20160208-WA0010-minThe headset comes with two 3.5mm headphone jacks, 1 for the headphone, one for the you cant you this device on portable devices like smartphones etc. I have played for Counter Strike Global Offensive and other Esports titles for a fairly long time with these headphones and they do pick up all the footsteps and low pitched noises. However the pain faced while wearing these is bad and you need to keep removing these for a minute or two to make your ear ‘feel’ normal


Verdict : 3/5

Now you get a headset for $10 which is dirt cheap and you get these all great features out of it…so should you buy it??.. I would suggest you to buy these only if you are not going to be gaming for a long time at once and you need to save some money. At this price i cant really complain but the comfortableness should be kept in mind. And as always comment down any of your problems or doubts and i will attend to your problem. If you did like the review please rate it as it helps me to grow and helps me provide better reviews to you.


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