Samsung Galaxy S7 : All the new features

Samsung has announced it’s new flagship for 2016 which is the Samsung Galaxy S7. The S7 is more of a refinement of the S6 which brings many features back from the older Samsung Galaxy S5 . The S7 now is waterproof and dust resistant with no irritating flaps blocking the ports on the  device like on the S5. Samsung has listened to it’s users demands and made a phone which was already very good and just made it even better.

1. The microSD slot is back!

picture courtesy : Phandroid


This might not sound like much, given that the phones ship with 32/64 GB of storage out of the box, but the outcry Samsung encountered when it released the Galaxy S6 without a micro-SD slot must have resonated hard in its headquarters. After all, one of the reasons people were grabbing Samsung’s flagships was that they have removable batteries and expandable storage, and in one fell swoop Samsung ditched that advantage last yer, only to remedy the situation with the S7 and S7 edge.

Let’s face it – in this day and age of 4K videos and vast media or document libraries, you can’t always rely just on the cloud, plus expanding local storage with a memory card comes much cheaper.


2. Liquid Cooling

Liquid-coolingThe Samsung Galaxy S7 was not the first to show this technology in a smartphone, but it shows that Samsung really prizes its users demands and now is trying to make the S7 cooler under load. There were rumors about it before the launch, and Samsung indeed confirmed it at the presentation. The S7 and S7 edge will sport cooling technology, with tiny pipes filled with liquid circulating around the CPU and GPU to soothe down the S7 internals under heavy gaming. Check out the copper piping in this teardown pic of the S7 here.


3. Vulkan graphics and Game Launcher

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-hands-onVulkan is a API which helps games communicate with your GPU better and give better performance and visuals while playing. Samsung has done a great job adding this API as now you can take advantage of the stunning visuals in games on the 1440p screen. The game launcher is a folder in which all the games you download will be added automatically. When opening the game through the folder, the mobile free some RAM in the phone as well as frees some of the tasks taken by the GPU and CPU so the game can run better and more efficiently.


4. Water Resistance and Dust resistance

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-UK-Price-Release-Date-Facts-Best-To-Know-Best-Features-In-The-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Smartphones-Prices-Contac-472089The Samsung Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified thus it can withstand submersion in water up to  5 feet for 30 minutes and is fully dust resistant. Gone are the days where rubber flaps used to cover the micro-USB ports and other open ports like on the S5. The S7 comes internally concealed and also a moisture sensor is built in the USB port so the phone will indicate if any water is still present in the ports.


5. Larger Batteries

The S7 now comes with a 3000mAh battery (the S7 edge has a 3600mAh battery) which means the mobile should last a over full day when fully charged. Many users complained about the S6’s small battery life so now Samsung has improved their flagship to give what the users want. The phone also is a tiny bit thicker than before but it allows for the bigger battery inside which is preferred.


6. Faster mobile Chipsets

Screeching-fast-mobile-chipsetsIn the US, and a few other markets, the phones will come powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 chipset, while globally they will be released with Samsung’s own Exynos 8890. No matter which one is in your phone, these are the best that the industry can offer for any Android handset, and besides screeching fast performance offer a modest power draw, and a plethora of additional functions.


7. Always on display

Always-on-displaySamsung claims that on an average, the smartphone users unlock their mobile over 150 times, mostly to check the time or the calendar or other small tasks. The S7 now comes with an always on display which shows your messages, time, calendar and other features you can configure through the settings. The always on display takes less than 1% of the charge per day as the Quad HD Super AMOLED screen is very efficient. The Always-On Display can actually be turned off, and it does this automatically when the phone is slid in your pocket or purse.


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