Apple iPhone SE is here : Top hardware in a small package

The modern-day smart phone can be a bit big to hold in your hand and will need some finger gymnastics to operate. Do you look back to the days you could easily slip a phone into your skinny jean pockets or fully fit a smartphone into a pocket without it ‘spilling out’??.. Well Apple has got your covered. Apple just announced the iPhone SE ( SE stands for Special Edition i case you’re wondering) which looks quite like the 2013 iPhone 5 and 5s. But that where the similarities end as the phone is roughly the same as the iPhone 6s minus the 3D Touch. So the iPhone SE is a 6s in a 5s body.


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Under The Hood

The performance is on power with the iPhone 6s and it’s (promised)  TWICE the processing power of a the iPhone 5s and has THRICE the graphical power of the iPhone 5s. The phone has the same A9 chip, featuring the dual-core Apple Twister CPU and the top-shelf PowerVR GT7600 GPU. The iPhone has the same 12MP camera sensor and captures live photos. It also takes better selfies with/without flash. The A9 chip also has improved LTE bands support and speeds, faster Wi-Fi, and the Apple Pay mobile payments system

iPhone-SE-performance - Copy

Price and Release date

iphone-se-8The Apple iPhone SE is going to cost… how much do you think? $499? $449? Initial speculation pointed at $449 as the most probable price tag. Well, we can honestly say something unexpected has happened today, as the iPhone SE will officially be available for just $399, which is easily the cheapest price for a brand new iPhone model we’ve seen. Anyway, in standard Apple fashion, the base $399 iPhone SE will come with 16 GB of internal memory. Should you need more storage space, a 64 GB version will be available at $499. In Europe, the iPhone SE price is sadly expected to be higher, starting at EUR 490, but Apple’s devices are generally more expensive there, so Europeans are probably used to it. In India the phone was supposed to be priced at rs 30,000 but now a few sources tell us that the phone will start at around 39,000 for the 16GB model. That puts the iPhone SE in around the same price tag as the iPhone 6s (16gb) and the other phones like the Nexus 6P which puts the iPhone in a tight spot. Like our Facebook page or sign up by email to follow the Site so you get the latest news as soon as possible.



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