Lenovo Yoga 910 Overview

The Lenovo Yoga 900 has been the best 2 in 1 convertible for the past year because of its bright and colour accurate display, light weight and attractive design. With the Yoga 910, lenovo has made the laptop even better by removing almost all bezel from its sides and now comes with a bigger display of 13.9″ in the same size as the Yoga 900.

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3The yoga 910 is expected to start shipping in October starting at $1299 (around ₹89000). The laptop has also got a spec upgrade. The Yoga 910 now come with Intel’s latest Kaby-Lake i7 processors, now starts with 16gb of ram,upto 1Tb of SSD NVME storage, a fingerprint scanner is built-in to the laptop’s plam rest zone and an optional 4K display.


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With all the spec bumps and a bigger screen, the 910 is a bit heavier than the yoga 900 but comes in roughly the same size and dimensions as the predecessor. As with the XPS 13 and 15, Lenovo put the webcam in the bottom bezel because there just isn’t enough space above the panel. In another noteworthy improvement over last year’s model, the Yoga 910 has a USB Type-C port that it can use to charge, output video or connect to peripherals. There’s also a single-touch fingerprint reader you can use to log into Windows 10 using the operating system’s Windows Hello feature.


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