Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: all the new features

Apple unveiled its new iPhones which roughly looks the same but improves in many areas drastically and new version of its Apple watch

optical-zoomThe rumors that iPhone 7 Plus will sport optical zoom that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo started turned out to be pretty sound, as the handset offers 2x lossless zoom, coupled with 6x digital, thanks to the dual 12 MP camera set on the back. The iPhone 7’s camera does not have a dual camera setup but it is still way better than the 6s. You can’t get the 2x optical zoom but you get all the other features of the 7 plus. Also the front camera has been bumped up to 7 megapixels and it also has a wide camera lens for wider selfies. The 7 and 7 Plus still sport a two-tone flash, but this time the illumination is provided by four LED lights for 50% brighter field, accompanied by a sensor that measures the flickering provided from artificial lighting, and compensating accordingly for more realistic low-light shots with the flash on.

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Black (iPhone 7 Plus) and Jet Black (iPhone 7)

The new iPhones also come in two new colors : Black and Jet black. Jet black is a bit more ‘black’ than the black and also has a shiny back. Apple has mentioned that the polished back of the Jet Black may/will get micro abrasions overtime and MKBHD also mentioned that he already observed scratches on the phone with just few hours of use.




The display of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now have a wider colour gamut and get more brighter than before making it the best iPhone display ever. This makes the colours on the display more vibrant and saturated but it’s still not better than the ones Samsung offers though.


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quad-core-a10-fusion-processorApple has integrated it’s new A10 fusion chipset which is finally a Quad core. This processor uses the big.LITTLE architecture to consume lesser battery than the A9 chipset and also gives 40% faster cpu operations and 50% faster gpu operations.


stereo-speakersThe rumors were true, the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone and now you have to connect your headphones using an adapter (which is included in the box !) which Apple also sells for $9. Apple mentioned it wanted to improve its audio quality in it’s handsets so now the new iPhone has stereo speaker (which mean more louder sound and better quality). Also using the lighting port to listen to music improves the voltage the mobile can provide to the headphone so now the audio that you hear through the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus will be more better. Apple also outed AirPods which are its earpods without the wires. Each AirPod can play audio for upto 5 hours and also comes in a stylish and compact charging case (which also houses the AirPods) and increase it’s use by upto 24 hours.

capacitive-home-key-with-haptic-feedbackThe Home button has been redesigned as well. the home button now uses macbook’s forcetouch capabilities and it doesn’t actually press down. A haptic feedback engine under the button simulates a bump whenever the button is ‘pressed’.


ip67-water-resistance-ratingThe new iPhones are also waterproof and dust proof with a rating of IP67. This means you can submerge the phone upto 1m underwater for upto 30 min. Also the new iPhones and a record number of LTE bands so your internet speeds will be faster and your call quality will also be better. And ya it supports VoLTE so you can use a Reliance Jio sim card in it.



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