What to Expect from Apple’s Oct. 27 Event

Apple’s next press event is just days away, but speculation about the release of the new Macs’ and Macbook pro has ben doing on for almost a year now.

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Apple is planning to give the Macbook pro its biggest update since 2012! The top row of function keys are now going to be replaced with a OLED touch bar which shows different functions depending on the program you are on.

The new Macbook pros are going to get thinner and smaller than before due to the decrease in bezel size and the new butterfly switches which we don’t love due to its shallow key travel. The Macbook pro are going to come with 4 usb type-c ports of which 2 are Thunderbolt 3 compatible and 1 headphone jack (Thank god XD ). Unfortunately this means that the Magsafe charger is going to go.

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Along with new Macbook Pros , Apple is also going to announce it’s new Macbook air in the 13 inch form factor and will be ditching the 11 inch form factor. Rumors also say that apple is going to release a new standalone 5K monitor which might include a graphic card built in so that when a Macbook is connected to it, the laptop will get a huge graphical performance increase.


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