Apple Macbook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book i7 : which is beter?

Apple and Microsoft both revealed their most high end laptops to date this week in a bid to secure position as the leading portable computer maker.

Microsoft unveiled their upgraded Surface Book which now has a quad core Intel i7 skylake chip and a Nvidia GTX 965m gpu in the keyboard base. Microsoft also has now filled more battery in the surface book making it last upto 16 hrs. In addition to all this, the laptop now has got a bit thicker but has all the welcome upgrades. The only downside is the price which come at £2,349 ( Rs.1,91,000) which is a sure bummer.

While the surface book didn’t get any more features or ‘innovation’, Apple showcased their new lineup of the Macbook pro which has got its first major redesign after 4 years! While the Macbook pro has got the new OLED touch bar, all the legacy ports ( except the headphone jack) have been removed and been replaced with 4 thunderbolt 3 ports which also handle usb-c. Not only this but the Macbook pros’ has got a price bump to £1,749 (Rs.143000) for the base 13 inch model with the touch bar.

By comparison, the Surface book is a much cheaper and better laptop than the Macbook pro and also has the flexibility of a 2 in 1. In the end it all comes down to which OS you want to use.



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